Will Web Hosting Ever Rule The World?

Will Web Hosting Ever Rule The World?

Will Web hosting ever rule the world? There’s a problem with that question because it assumes that Web hosting doesn’t already rule the world. Not only would the world be an alien place without the Internet, but it’s the number one way for people to communicate. Here are just a few reasons why Web hosting is already our master, and we’re just pretending that we still have control. More Websites Than People If we were to do a headcount, then websites would vastly outnumber us.

There are currently about seven billion people, but there are nearly 40 billion web pages in existence right now. That’s an average of 5.7 web pages for every person. Not only that, but close to one million new websites (not just Web pages) are being created every day. The Internet is expanding exponentially each and every day, and we are far outnumbered. Computer Use If you take away the Internet, then what is a computer? That means no more Facebook, Google, Amazon or Tumblr. It’s all gone without Web hosting. What you’re left with is a few gaming or business programs, if you feel the need to get a computer at all (consider how few people had them in the 80s and 90s before the Internet was widespread).

Web hosting rules the world because we cannot imagine going a day without a computer and the Internet. Imagine having no smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop and any other device for 24 hours. You’ll feel like it’s the Stone Age. Phone, Talking and Letters Those three forms of communication are all that you will have without Web hosting. The Internet rules the world because it has made it much easier for people to communicate. Imagine all emails and social media websites are suddenly gone. Also, consider the fact that there are 144 billion emails sent each and every day. Businesses would grind to a halt and people wouldn’t be able to keep up with friends and family members.

The world without Web hosting is slow and inconvenient, which is why it rules us. Locked Entertainment While TV is still popular, Web hosting is commonly being used as a source of entertainment. Imagine all of YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and every other online media outlet just disappearing. It’s a scary reality, isn’t it? The Internet has introduced us to so many new forms of entertainment and it’s allowed common people to become household names with nothing more than a video recorder and a dream. Businesses and Politicians Every successful business, politician and anyone or anything else important has a website.

Not only does a website make it easier for people to access the business or politician, but it’s an essential asset for these entities. That’s because we love convenience, and a world without Web hosting as a ruler would make it much harder to quickly buy items, make informed decisions or understand anything about important entities. Conclusion Perhaps Web hosting does rule the world, but it’s a kindly and symbiotic rule that we all love. Web hosting thrives on our time and energy, and we are happy that it makes things more convenient and easier. Some people say that the Internet is evil, but most of us are more than happy to bow to its supremacy.

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