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Personal Power Generator

Stay Powered Up - Anywhere, Anytime

Personal Power Generator with Charging Cables - With enough power in reserve to charge a smart phone two or more times and provide juice to your iPad, Nook, Kindle and other small electronics, the Personal Power Generator (PPG) makes your backpack a mobile power center! Your PPG charges through the solar panels on the outside of your backpack or your Medusa HyperSpeed Charger through a wall or car power outlet

Medusa HyperSpeed Charger

Lightning Fast Power

Medusa HyperSpeed Charger - The Medusa HyperSpeed Charger affords you the ability to rapid charge your Personal Power Generator by plugging it into a standard wall socket or car power outlet directly. Using the HyperSpeed Charger you can fully charge your PPG in as little as 6 hours. Now you can charge your PPG in the car, from a wall outlet, a USB cable, or the sun.


J. Bullivant Student Series Solar Backpack & Technology Package

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Quick Overview: The perfect balance of style, technology, and protection. Reserve power for charging on the go along with the option to add a military-inspired ballistic shield to ensure you are prepared for anything that comes your way.
Student Series Solar Backpack   +$197.00
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Additional Information

Dimensions 19.5 inches (H) x 16.4 inches (W) x 6.6 inches (D)
Contents Solar Backpack, Personal Power Generator with Charging Cables, and Medusa HyperSpeed Charger.
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Description Want to get through the day without a dead phone, iPad, or iPod? Want to charge on the go? Never look for an outlet again with our Student Series Solar Backpack. This backpack is designed to hold a days' worth of books and much more. With 30% more padding than most backpacks and several ergonomic design features, your bag will be both comfortable and functional. The integrated Personal Power Generator charges through the two, small high efficiency solar panels giving you the ability to generate power naturally. You can also plug your backpack into any wall outlet, car charger, or USB power source for more rapid charging. All adapters and cables are included.