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  1. All Hazards Emergency Escape Hood

    All Hazards Emergency Escape Hood

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    Unlike gas masks, this hood requires no special training to wear and can be worn by those with glasses and beards. Additionally, it protects against smoke inhalation, carbon monoxide, chemical and biological agents, and the inhalation of radioactive fallout. TSA Compliant. Learn More
  2. Water Purification System

    Water Purification System

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    The water purification bottle does just that, it takes water from any freshwater source...ponds, lakes, faucets, reservoirs and purifies it so that it is safe to drink. It removes 99.9% of pollutants and other contaminants. Learn More
  3. Emergency Lantern

    Emergency Lantern

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    For power outages where you need a light to study or see your way, the emergency lantern packs quite a punch for its size. Learn More
  4. Meal Bars

    Meal Bars

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    Our USCG-approved meal bars provide the calories, protein, and vitamins necessary to sustain yourself for several days. Learn More
  5. Pandemic Protection Mask

    Pandemic Protection Mask

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    The J. Bullivant Pandemic Protection Mask is your first line defense against H1N1, Swine Flu, Avian Influenza, Bird Flu, Tuberculosis, SARS, Small Pox, MRSA and more. Learn More

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