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  1. Urban Survival Device

    Urban Survival Device

    Buy now for only $45.47

    The Urban Survival Device is a comprehensive device that is ideal for emergency situations. Be armed with an emergency radio, the ability to charge your phone, a flashlight and a hand crank to power your phone and ensure you always stay informed. Learn More
  2. Two-Way Emergency Communications Radio

    Two-Way Emergency Communications Radio

    Buy now for only $37.27

    This powerful two-way radio can alert listeners and potentially emergency personnel to your location or provide details of the specific emergency as well as hear the latest emergency information. Learn More
  3. Emergency Lantern

    Emergency Lantern

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    For power outages where you need a light to study or see your way, the emergency lantern packs quite a punch for its size. Learn More
  4. Urban Combination Tool

    Urban Combination Tool

    Buy now for only $5.70

    This combination tool contains a whistle, compass, match holder, and signaling mirror. Learn More
  5. Emergency Glow Sticks

    Emergency Glow Sticks

    Buy now for only $3.97

    These glow sticks have an 8 hour life and are perfect for signaling, roadside emergencies, or for hanging off your J. Bullivant backpack when walking at night. Contains 3 Emergency Glow Sticks. Learn More

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