Stay Safe on Campus

Starting college is an experience unlike any other for a young adult.  There is a huge mixture of emotions; fear, excitement, stress, and anticipation for what the next four years will bring.  New people, new experiences, living alone, and a harder workload are a few of the thoughts that cloud an incoming freshman’s mind during those weeks between graduation and Move-In Day.  In the midst of it all it is easy to forget to focus on safety and... continue reading »

Beat the Heat this Summer

As the temperature begins to rise this summer it is important to take the proper precautions to avoid heat stroke, sun burn, and dehydration.  The combination of extreme heat and humidity can take a toll on the body.  Taking care of yourself, and keeping an eye on others, will help to prevent dangerous heat-related illnesses. Stay Hydrated One of the most important preparations you can do to beat the heat is drinking plenty of water.  The warmer... continue reading »

J. Bullivant Offers Support to Sandy Relief Benefit

Being located in Lakewood, NJ we at J. Bullivant experienced the effects of Hurricane Sandy.  Many of our employees reside near the beach and had to deal with flooding, evacuation, loss of power, and home renovations.  When it comes to the Jersey Shore and Hurricane Sandy we are especially affectionate and supportive, which is why when we heard about the Superstorm Sandy Relief Benefit, The Jersey Shorefest, was happening on Long Beach Island this... continue reading »

HyperSpeed Power Has Arrived

J. Bullivant Urban Survival Gear believes in being prepared for anything and everything that comes your way.  While the obvious emergencies of foul weather, extreme activities and keeping your home safe are important, there are many day to day emergencies which are also essential to address.  One example would be losing a charge on your cell phone.  I know, I know – that sounds a bit dramatic.  But think about it.  Your cell phone wears many... continue reading »

The Start of Hurricane Season

June 1st marks the start of Hurricane Season.  Being located near the NJ shore, J. Bullivant has experienced the effects of both Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy over the past two years.  Hurricanes bring with them heavy winds, flooding, rain, power outages, etc.  They have the potential to cause extreme damage and it is important to take all proper precautions when it comes to preparing for a hurricane. As we in this area are still continuing... continue reading »

Stay Hydrated With Clean Water

Water is one of the most important needs to keep our bodies functioning.  It would be impossible to live longer than 3-4 days without water, even shorter if exposed to extreme heat.  Dehydration is a serious condition that should not be taken lightly, it is important to always be prepared when camping, hiking, or traveling with fresh, drinkable water – even when fresh water is not readily available.  Carrying a filtered water bottle or water... continue reading »

Bring Safety on the Road with an Emergency Car Kit

Being prepared for any emergency situation, large or small, is imperative when it comes to you and your family’s safety and well-being.  Keeping a stock of flashlights, canned food, and a hand crank radio in an easily accessible location at home is a great way to be prepared, but what happens when you are not home?  Are you prepared to address emergencies that could occur while driving? When it comes to your car kit there are multiple emergency... continue reading »

Local Business Shows Support for American Cancer Society Cancer Ball

The 46th Annual Cancer Ball Will Take Place in Rumson This June J. Bullivant Urban Survival Gear, a division of MILSPRAY Military Technologies, Lakewood, NJ, is proud to announce their support and sponsorship for the 46th Annual American Cancer Society Cancer Ball. The Cancer Ball has been a prominent event in the community for 45 years, raising money, awareness, and hope for the American Cancer Society and those affected by the disease.  The event... continue reading »

J. Bullivant Sends Strength and Support to Those in Boston

As human beings we contain the animalistic urge to survive.  The fight for survival is one each of us endure daily by working hard to buy food and maintain a warm home.  Sometimes certain situations occur, whether it be natural or terroristic, that require us to stand up and provide additional protection to ourselves, our family, and our freedom. Our country has seen many tragedies over the past decade; from 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina, numerous school... continue reading »

Emergency Preparedness Tips: Be Ready for a Tornado

While a tornado may only last for a few minutes, they can cause a large amount of damage in the blink of an eye.  With almost no warning prior to a tornado it is crucial to always be ready.  Tornadoes are known to strike within all 4 seasons and have been seen in every state, making them unpredictable and dangerous.  It is important to prepare yourself and family to react calmly and quickly to an impending cyclone.                    Establish... continue reading »