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Beat the Burn

Dorm Room Personal Fire Extinguisher - One of the most common and likely personal emergencies in a dormitory is a fire. The personal fire extinguisher is intended to prevent the spread of a small fire. Most dorm fires start in a microwave, toaster, or garbage and can quickly spread. The Dorm Room Personal Fire Extinguisher can help quickly extinguish a small fire before it gets out of control.


Stay Powered Up - Anywhere, Anytime

Personal Power Generator with Charging Cables - With enough power in reserve to charge a smart phone three times over and provide juice to your iPad, Nook, Kindle, and other small electronics, the Personal Power Generator (PPG) makes your backpack a mobile power center! Your PPG charges through the solar panels on the outside of your backpack or through a car charger or wall outlet and your 2-in-1 Charging Adapter.

Stay Informed

Urban Survival Device - The Urban Survival Device is a comprehensive device that is ideal for emergency situations. Part of this unique device is the NOAA All Hazards Radio which has five watts of output and 7 channels. This radio provides constant up-to-date forecasts and emergency information, 24 hours, 7 days a week for your local area. Simply tune to the “WB” Band and scan through channels until a broadcast is clear. No plugs or wires are required. The hand crank allows you to recharge the radio during a power outage or anytime you’re away from a power source. This high-tech, versatile radio also features a large LCD display with backlighting and a clock. The USB jack allows you to recharge devices such as cell phones in an emergency, and the bright LED flashlight offers light during a power outage or at night. The Personal Power Generator can also be charged with the Urban Survival Device. If you are stranded, the device has a loud siren with a blinking red light so that you can be easily located. The housing is water resistant to protect the radio from water damage. You’ll always know what’s going on thanks to the combination of the NOAA All Hazards Radio and AM/FM Radio.


Bright Light in a Small Package

Bright Light in a Small Package - The flashlight has 9 high powered LED bulbs and is in a durable metal housing. The switch is sealed from the elements and the flashlights small compact size makes it the ideal J. Bullivant bag component. Uses 3 AAA batteries. Batteries are included.


Pop-Up Bright Light

Bright Light in a Small Package - For power outages where you need a light to study or see your way, the emergency lantern packs quite a punch for its size. Simply pop-up the emergency lantern and switch between high or low light settings or the emergency strobe for 360° of light output. The lantern light shuts of automatically when closed. Batteries included.


Just Breathe

All Hazards Emergency Escape Hood - Unlike gas masks, this hood requires no special training to wear and can be worn by those with glasses and beards. Additionally, it protects against smoke inhalation, carbon monoxide, chemical and biological agents, and the inhalation of radioactive fallout.

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Peace of Mind

Ballistic Shield - These ballistic shields are rated as NIJ Level 1 and are tested to stop a Lead Nose Round bullet from a 22 Caliber Rifle and a 38 Special. The panel will also provide stab and blunt force protection far exceeding that of any other backpack. Since its integrated right into your backpack, it’s with you at all times and no one will ever know.

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Defense At the Ready

Super Potent Self-Defense Fogger - This fogger ejects a small cloud of high strength pepper spray in the direction it is fired. The effects on an attacker are immediate and can last up to 45 minutes providing you more than enough time to escape danger.

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Harness the Power of the Sun

The J. Bullivant Portable Solar Charger - is a multi-function emergency power source with a built in 2600 mAh high capacity, rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. With this solar powered charger, you can charge all your small electronic devices whenever and wherever you go. Reduce your carbon footprint and never experience a dead battery again.

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Dorm Bag

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Quick Overview: The J. Bullivant Dorm Bag is a must for every college student. The Dorm Bag is an XL RuckSack Bag with adjustable super soft heavy-duty sponge cords. The Dorm Bag hangs nicely on the back of a dorm room door, under the bed, or in a dorm closet.
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Additional Information

Dimensions 16.42 inches (L) x 19.57 inches (W) x 6.69 inches (H)
Contents Dorm Room Personal Fire Extinguisher, Personal Power Generator with device charging cables, Urban Survival Device, 9 LED Flashlight with batteries, Emergency Pop-Up Lantern
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The J. Bullivant Dorm Bag is a must for every college student. The Dorm Bag is an XL RuckSack Bag with adjustable super soft heavy-duty sponge cords. The Dorm Bag hangs nicely on the back of a dorm room door, under the bed, or in a dorm closet. The Dorm Bag contains items most likely to be of use to a student in the event of a dorm emergency. From a small dorm room fire, campus shooting, building evacuation, and personal assault to a power outage, and dead cell phone, students can be prepared for the unexpected.

Product Warnings

    Self-Defense Fogger:
  • Pepper Spray/Fogger is used soley for the purpose of defending yourself against someone who is attacking or about to attack you.
  • Do not take this product onboard an aircraft
  • The minimum age for carrying concealed pepper spray on your body is 18.
  • This product cannot be shipped to NY, MA or MI due to state laws. Check with your local law enforcement department for specific laws about the possession and use of pepper spray products in your city, county or state.