Host Monster Review

Host Monster Review

HostMonster is flat-out one of the leading hosting companies on the market today. They provide users with a state of the art datacenter, unlimited bandwidth and space, and have set the highest standard for top notch features that has yet to be fully matched by competitors. HostMonster is also very affordable, considering its functionality, and offers fully refundable money back guarantees alongside exceptional customer service through live chats, phone calls and email correspondence. HostMonster currently offers free domain names attached to specific plans in order to save users the hassle and extra cost of purchasing a domain name themselves. For auction and sales websites, HostMonster supports eCommerce platforms like Prestashop and Zen Cart.

Amusingly, HostMonster is owned by the same company as Bluehost. They share the same address and servers. HostMonster and Bluehost even share the same staff, as one user testifies to having contacted their customer service and reached somebody who openly answers chats for both companies!

This kind of duality is a confusing bit of information for people who assume HostMonster and Bluehost are competitors in the same market, but such assumptions are inaccurate. The reason this company owns two server hosts lies in the company’s appraisal of the marketplace. Server hosting has become a bustling field filled to the brim with hundreds of possible hosts, and this has created subsets of the market that can successfully cater to specific user needs, as opposed to all hosts offering a broadly standard service. HostMonster and Bluehost target different sections of the market.

HostMonster – and consequently, Bluehost, aren’t perfect. HostMonster is limited by shared hosting. They also require upfront payment, offering no monthly payment options for users who want to spread around the cost of their purchase.

Although these negatives neither make nor break HostMonster, there are other hosting companies out there that offer alternatives from the limitations of shared hosting, and additionally offer a wider variety of payment options. Should those problems be a major concern for consumers, they are encouraged to explore the marketplace.

Regardless, HostMonster is a terrific web hosting company. They are beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the best out there today. HostMonster is reliable, transparent to customers, and practices a ’round the block’ customer service goal that maintains itself as one of the leading customer service agencies in hosting companies. Their staff is knowledgeable and responsive, and their affordable pricing puts them ahead of competitors who offers the same bells and whistles with a hefty fee. And since HostMonster and Bluehost share the same company, and offer the same relative stats, both services are good options for prospective users.

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