Best Waterproof Speakers

Best Waterproof Speakers

Nothing is as relaxing as being able to play your lovely songs while in the rain, at the beach or swimming pool, or in your boat. Water-proof speakers enable you to have fun playing your music anywhere, anytime and any day. Hearing this, you might be planning on the best waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Shopping for a quality waterproof speakers is quite challenging due to all available in the market have claimed to be the best. So, checking our best picks, you’ll find it easier to get the best that will worth the price. Follow me on this article as I unveiled to you the five best waterproof speakers in 2018. I’m sure you will love it.

1. Insignia – Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker (4.5)

This is an excellent speaker with wonderful sound and Bluetooth connectivity to help connect to your phone or the device you want to play your cool music. I love this speaker because it also has additional features like a charging port to charge your phone or portable music player. It has a powerful battery life of 20-hour battery life that will help you keep the party going all day. This waterproof speaker is designed to float and resist damage that could be caused by water.

2. Bose- Sound Link Micro Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker (4.8)

This is a very portable, durable and a high-quality sound speaker that will be a valuable asset to any music lover ‘’ on the go’’. With this speaker, you will enjoy a variety of different settings. The speaker produces good sounds that will surely make you never leave it behind when on the move. It delivers unmatched sound compared to speakers of its size. With its tough design and strong strap will let you carry it everywhere you go. It is waterproof from inside out, so even if it falls in the pool, there is nothing to worry.

3. NUU Mobile – Waterproof Speaker (5.0)

This is the ultimate outdoor companion, Rugged, Water-proof and designed to comfortably take out on an adventure. This Bluetooth speaker brings your music anywhere you love to take it to. This speaker is of very high quality and can remarkably float on water. Feel free placing it by the pool while playing those cool songs for you.

4. Fugoo Style – Water proof speaker (5.0)

This is a small Bluetooth speaker with a stylish look and an excellent sound quality. The Fugo have a long battery life that is unmatched compared to some other waterproof speaker, battery life running for about 20 hours at high volume level before it gets drained. The material used to build this lovely speaker are of high quality, in which the sturdy build is made with plastic and accent rubber, combine to offer waterproof, dust proof, and shockproof making it durable. Considering its sound performance, this is one of its best qualities; it provides stunning sound that will surely blow your mind. Whether you make use of it indoors or outside, sunny beachside or inclement weather you will be excited with the sound it produces.

5. The JBL Flip 4- Water Proof Speaker (5.0)

The sound quality is at a high advantage compared to others. It features dual external passive bass radiators on the side of the speakers to improve the bass response, which produces punchy sounds in at outdoor spaces. With a built-in battery of 3,000 mAh rechargeable battery, a single charge will surely to last up to 12 hours while playing your cool song.

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